Dr. Jeff Baron, Au.D.

I have been an Audiologist in private practice for over 22 years. I am extremely pleased that I have helped thousands of patients hear clearly, comfortably and as natural as possible with their hearing aids for more than two decades. I have also helped many people with tinnitus.

As a young rock & roll musician in New York City I played and listened to loud music that caused me to have hearing loss with occasional tinnitus. Looking back, it was great that I was able to see such artists as Jimmy Hendrix and the Grateful Dead play at the Fillmore East, but, in hindsight, I would have enjoyed it even more if I had known to wear proper hearing protection.

Today I wear hearing aids (that I love) and use custom musician earplugs when I listen to loud music. Thanks to my training I know how to make hearing aids sound good when listening to music or speech.

I was a pioneer in developing a successful technique for fitting hearing aids by prescription, which people said at the time could not be done. I continue to develop and refine this technique using cutting edge hearing aid technology.

I am extremely concerned about permanent hearing loss caused by loud headphones or earbuds. Because of that, I have designed and manufactured a product that prevents this problem (see Hearing Protection page).

I have taught skiing at The Winter Park National Sports Center for the Disabled for over 15 years. I have learnt more from the inspirational people I work with in the Winter Park Program than they can ever learn from me! I am happily married, have 5 children, love living in Colorado and have fun with my dog Monte.

I appreciate the opportunity to help you with your hearing healthcare.

Delly Paris-Baron

I am the office manager at The Hearing & Tinnitus Center and married to Dr. Jeff. I know a lot about hearing, hearing aids and how to run a friendly and efficient office.

My passions are cooking and art. I have done most of the graphic work for the hearing center and if you like we can share recipes and cooking secret’s when you visit us as well as answer questions about your hearing aids.

I look forward to meeting you at The Hearing & Tinnitus Center!


My name is Monte Carlos Paris-Baron and I am a 10 pound toy poodle. I am obsessed with my toys, love to eat, be with people, take walks and I work at the Hearing & Tinnitus Center.

I am a trained therapy dog and do rounds at the local hospital twice a month with my trainer, Delly. I enjoy visiting and helping the patients, nurses and doctors have a nicer day! I like my work, bring home a free lunch for Dr. Jeff, come home very tired and ready for a tasty treat and a nap!

I am totally non allergenic, very soft and if you like, we can meet and you can pet me at the Hearing Center.