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Hearing Protection from Headphones & Earbuds

Only $14.95

Only $14.95


Sounds 85    $14.95     Order yours today!

  • It’s simple . . . plug your headphone/earbuds into Sounds 85:
  • Prevents permanent hearing loss and tinnitus from loud music/sound while using headphones and earbuds.
  • Keeps music and sound levels safe – below 85 decibels.
  • Attaches to any headphone or earbud without affecting the sound quality. Works with all audio devices, MP3 players, phones, computers and tablets.

The Sounds 85: Personal Volume Protector was designed by Dr. Jeff Baron, Au.D to address the epidemic problem of music-induced hearing loss from headphones or earbuds. Our product attaches to any headphone or earbud cord and works with all audio devices, such as mp3 players, phones and even tablets. Sounds are automatically kept below the 85 decibel level protecting the listener from permanent hearing damage and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) caused by headphone or earbud use.

The Problem

      • As many as 1 in 4 high school graduates already have significant hearing loss from headphones or earbuds (NYC Dept. of Health, Bloomberg Study)
      • Over 1.4 billion music players/smart phones in use.
      • There are almost as many 30-somethings with music-induced hearing loss as there are 70 year olds with age-related hearing loss.
      • Music Induced Hearing Loss is often accompanied with tinnitus (ringing in the ears).
      • Music celebrities such as Chris Martin (Cold Play’s lead singer), Pete Townsend (The Who), Will.I.Am (Rapper) have come out publicly about their own hearing loss and tinnitus suffering.
      • The output from headphones and earbuds when listening to music can be greater than 110 decibels (like the sound of a chainsaw pounding into your ears with no protection).
      • Listening levels of 100 decibels will start to cause permanent hearing damage after 15 minutes of listening time (National Institute of Safety and Health).
      • Listening at 85 decibels is safe for up to 8 hours per day. 

Our Solution

  • The Sounds 85 attaches to any headphone or earbud.
  • Sounds are kept below 85 db which is safe up to 8 hours of listening per day.
  • The product is unobtrusive and very simple to use.
  • Once attached to the headphone or earbud it does not require any adjustment, maintenance or battery changes.
  • It does not affect the sound quality of any headphone or earbud. Many customers have invested considerable amounts of money in their headphones or earbuds and do not want the quality of the music to be affected.
  • Headphones and earbuds have become fashion statements and users tend to be very particular about their choices. The Sounds85 allows them to use their own headphones and know their hearing is safe.
  • Our product is unique because it works with any existing headphone or earbud allowing the user a safe listening experience with their preferred headphone or earbuds.



“I feel safe knowing my kids are using the Sounds 85.” —Kim K. M.A., Speech Pathologist

“I have permanent damage to my hearing . . . I use Sounds 85 on my children’s devices, so they don’t have the same problem I have when they are 35 (years old).” —Eli Regalado

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Hearing Protection for musicians, music, water sports and hunters