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Dr. Jeff Baron, Au.D.


Meet Dr. Jeff Baron, Au.D.

I have been an Audiologist in private practice for over 22 years. I am extremely pleased that I have helped thousands of patients hear clearly, comfortably and as natural as possible with their hearing aids for more than two decades. I have also helped many people with tinnitus.

As a young rock & roll musician in New York City I played and listened to loud music that caused me to have hearing loss with occasional tinnitus. Looking back, it was great that I was able to see such artists as Jimmy Hendrix and the Grateful Dead play at the Fillmore East, but, in hindsight, I would have enjoyed it even more if I had known to wear proper hearing protection.

Today I wear hearing aids (that I love) and use custom musician earplugs when I listen to loud music. Thanks to my training I know how to make hearing aids sound good when listening to music or speech.

I was a pioneer in developing a successful technique for fitting hearing aids by prescription, which people said at the time could not be done. I continue to develop and refine this technique using cutting edge hearing aid technology.

I am extremely concerned about permanent hearing loss caused by loud headphones or earbuds. Because of that, I have designed and manufactured a product that prevents this problem (see Hearing Protection page).

I have taught skiing at The Winter Park National Sports Center for the Disabled for over 15 years. I have learned more from the inspirational people I work with in the Winter Park Program than they can ever learn from me! I am happily married, have 5 children, love living in Colorado and have fun with my dog Monte. I appreciate the opportunity to help you with your hearing healthcare.