Hearing Tests

Hearing health is more than a few evaluations and the right treatment. Hearing health is a journey and at The Hearing and Tinnitus Center, we work closely with each patient every step of the way to help them find the most joy in their lives again as they embark upon the new hearing aid path.

That pathway begins with the audiologic evaluation services provided by The Hearing and Tinnitus Center. When clients call or come to our clinic, many realize they may be experiencing hearing loss, but few know the extent or degree to which they suffer. As such, the first step in your journey toward better hearing is a hearing evaluation. Our audiologic evaluation appointment is an hour-long appointment tailored to provide immediate results in a pain-free and stress-free environment.

What To Expect

A hearing test is really more accurately described as a series of tests. Different hearing tests are used during an audiologic examine to evaluate how well the different parts of the ear function.

The most common types of tests include:

Audiometry: The most common type of test is the audiometry, during which the patient, while wearing headphones or sitting in a booth, is presented with a variety of sounds, that change from high to low in pitch and from soft to loud in intensity. The patient is asked to respond to the sounds by raising a hand, to inform the audiologist.

Immittance testing: To ensure that eardrum mobility functions correctly under different pressures and conditions, the audiologist will test the function of the middle ear a few ways through immittance testing. You can think of immittance testing performing to determine how much sound is both admitted and impeded (admittance plus impedance) within the middle ear function. Tests to determine immittance include tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing.

After going through the series of audiologic examinations, our audiologist will be able to determine the type and degree of hearing loss you have. To learn more, call The Hearing and Tinnitus Center today and find out more about how we can help you!