One Doctor & One Office

Why Come to Us?


One Doctor and One Office 

When you come to The Hearing & Tinnitus Center you will see me, Dr. Jeff Baron, Au.D., for your hearing healthcare. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiology & Speech Pathology, a Master’s Degree in Audiology and a Doctorate in Audiology.

  • I have 20+ years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients.
  • We have one convenient location off of I-25 & 120th Ave. between Westminster & Thornton.
  • I use the latest testing, fitting and hearing aid technology. 
  • We offer Tinnitus Treatment
  • Service and Repair of most brands of hearing aids.
  • We accept all insurance coverage, welcome all HMO patients and will help you find out what your benefits are.
  • Everyday low prices and 0% financing!
  • Free and unlimited office visits for two years with the purchase of any hearing aid.  
  • Free loss and damage insurance.
  • Warranty between 1-3 years depending on the hearing aids.
  • Full refund if not satisfied.
  • 75-day trial. 

Equipment, Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Fitting 

I use state of the art equipment to do a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation and to program your hearing aids.

My knowledge, experience, and equipment allows me to test ultra-high frequencies (not available in most audiometers) to determine the full extent of your hearing loss and more accurate programming of your hearing aids.

Binaural Real Ear Hearing Aid Testing allows precise programming of your hearing aids. This is the highest level of hearing aid fitting protocol that currently exists.

A computerized test box allows confirmation that your hearing aids are working properly and meet all the original manufacturer’s specifications.

I test beyond the standard hearing tests to find out what I need to do to give you the best,  3 dimensional, stereophonic hearing possible.

Hearing aid fitting is both an art and a science. The science is knowing everything about the newest hearing aid technology.  The art is having the skills to fit the best sounding, most comfortable, least noticeable & easy to use hearing aids possible.

Buying Your Hearing Aids at a Big Box Store 

I love big box stores! I shop there all the time.  I buy razor blades, food, pop, cashews and even reading glasses. They also sell hearing aids. You usually see a licensed hearing aid dispenser with a few months of training but not a doctor of audiology.  Their prices are good but not much different than ours.  We provide customized hearing and tinnitus solutions in a one-on-one service that cannot be found in larger franchises or through big box dispensers. We instill trust in our patients by offering the best professional services, state of the art technology, great prices and a no hassle return policy.