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Services & Pricing

We value Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom. 100% transparency about our services and prices.

  • Complete diagnostic hearing and/or tinnitus evaluation (not just a screening)
  • Auditory canal evaluation: Is it just earwax plugging up your ear?
  • Private consultation with Dr. Jeff Barron, Au.D., get the facts about your hearing loss or tinnitus. 
  • Try the first hearing device proven to make it easier on your brain.
  • If you currently wear hearing aids, they will be cleaned and inspected at no charge during your office visit. 

Hearing Aid Prices start at $1,995 per pair to $5,700 per pair and include:

  • 100% digitally programmable hearing aids.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, tablet or any smart device. 
  • Up to 3 years of office visits, testing, counseling and programming included in the cost of the hearing aids. 
  • Up to 3 years of tinnitus therapy at no charge included in the cost of hearing aids.
  • Real Ear Hearing Aid Fitting and Adjustments: Allows me to hear, program and for us to see on a computer screen exactly how your hearing aids are working while you are wearing them! This is the highest level of hearing aid fitting protocol that currently exists and allows for maximum clarity and comfort from you hearing aids.
  • Up to 3 year warranty.
  • Three months of batteries.
  • Loss and Damage Insurance
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Full Refund if you are not satisfied with your hearing aids.
  • 75-Day Trial Period.  
  • We offer 0% financing.
  • We accept all insurance coverage, welcome all HMO patients and will help you find out what your benefits are.
  • Hearing Evaluations: I test beyond the standard hearing tests to get the information I need to give you the best, 3 dimensional, stereophonic hearing possible with your hearing aids. 
  • Tinnitus Evaluation: requires special equipment and knowledge to test ultra-high frequencies out to 16,000 Hz. 
  • Tinnitus Treatment 
  • Hearing Protection 
    • Protection for Babies through Seniors
    • Protection from any Headphone or Earbud
    • Customized Hearing Protection for Musicians
    • Protection for Hunters
    • Swim Plugs
  • Computer testing of any hearing aid to see if it is working properly and meeting all original manufacturer specifications. $15.00
  • Repairs of most hearing aids (no matter where you bought them).
  • Reprogramming of most hearing aids: Have hearing aids you do not like? I may be able to help.
  • Battery mailing